NATALIE. Set of 2 curtain tiebacks. White color


Set of 2 curtain tiebacks made with cotton ropes and white pompoms.

With these designer tiebacks you will improve the appearance of your decorative curtains, giving them movement, volume and elegance. These curtain ropes add a touch of romance, warmth and luminosity to your rooms. They help highlight the appearance of decorative curtains, giving them movement, volume and elegance. Simple design that allows you to make different curtain updos. They can be used with or without the wall anchor hook.


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  • HOW TO USE: If you want to use them without an anchor hook to the wall, just tie a knot with the ropes around the curtain and it will look great.
  • MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: These clamps are strong and durable. The attachment point with the wall anchor hook is made of metal and, therefore, does not suffer wear.  The leather of the clamps can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is recommended to use a specific cleaning product for leather.
  • ROBUSTNESS: Due to their design, simplicity and robustness, they are ideal for spaces with children, pets or with a lot of activity or traffic of people: hospitality, hotels, bars, restaurants, tourist apartments, offices, spaces for events, etc.
  • CURTAIN TIP: If you want to extend the length of the tieback, tie a white string to the end of the side behind the curtain. This way you will also be able to direct the pompoms towards the room, and, therefore, give them more visibility.
  • ALTERNATIVE USES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME: You can use them to decorate a vase, a pot, a lamp, a bag, etc. and transform them into personalized and exclusive elements.  If you do, you will have very chic and well-coordinated rooms. They combine with both classic and contemporary style decoration.
  • DECORATION TRICKS: If you want to use them to decorate a large element (basket, vase, etc.), use a cotton rope (macrame type) and tie the two ends of the clamp at the back.