ROYAL. Set of S-shape hooks with anti-fall system. Golden color


Set of S-shaped hooks with anti-fall system. Length: 6.5cm/8.3cm/10cm. For bars less than 1.5cm/2cm/more than 3cm in diameter. Helps in home organization and storage. Golden colour.




  • PATENTED ANTI-FALL SYSTEM: These hooks are equipped with a closure that prevents them from jumping off the bar when utensils or clothes are hung or taken down.
  • BARS: They can be used on bars up to 3 cm thick without their closure system losing functionality as happens with other hooks that currently exist on the market.
  • ROUNDED EDGES: The ends of the hook have a small metal ball that prevents scratches and clothing from being torn. It also acts as a stopper so that hanging objects do not slide and fall.
  • APPLICATIONS: Optimizes the organization of closets, clothing racks and evening dressers. Improves the organization of kitchen utensils hanging on bars. Optimizes the use of towel racks by allowing you to hang several towels, toiletries, sponges, combs, etc.
  • TECHNICAL SHEET: Made of galvanized iron.  Abrasion and water resistant.